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all subsided into total stillness

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 Diecky K. Indrapraja

Was born in 1979, Malang East-Java, Indonesia. He studied guitar and music theory at Lembaga Music Mayura Surabaya. He continued his studies in Sekolah Tinggi Musik Bandung, for music composition, ethnomusicology, and learned traditional Sundanese folk music. At the time when he was a student, he become an assistant lecture for Composition and Computer Music. He acquired his bachelor degree in 2008 and teaches at the university he was studied at. He is now continuing his study at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Bandung for aquiring his master degree. He attended many compostion workshop, by Dieter Mack, Shin Nakagawa, Jody Diamond, Roderik de Man, Armeno Alberts, Jonas Bisquert, and Jurgen Sligter.

Currently he lives as a freelance composer in Indonesia, he loves to combine the difference of world culture. Beside his various works for solo, chamber music, orchestra music and opera, he also collaborates with contemporary dances, performance art, film and video, installation art, sculpture, poetry, philosophy and Sundanese traditional ensemble for new kind of music. Some of his works have been recorded and published by "Cantus Music Center".

Diecky was also the co-founder of “G-Spot Tornado Ensemble Modern”, a new kind of music ensemble, and the co-founder of “New Music Colony (NMC)”, a new music community in Bandung.  He is also frequently become a speaker in seminars and workshop for music appreciation of modern art and music composition.

Recently, his piece "interruption (an interaction)" was selected as a best ten pieces for the Goethe-Institut Young Composers Competition of Southeast Asia 2011